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Career X Culture by Hannah Champaign Strategy Director

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Welcome to CareerX Culture. This series is an ongoing series showcasing iProspect’s talented people and their unique backgrounds, passions and achievements.

In this issue, meet Hanna Shampain, Director of Strategy for iProspect US. Hannah reflects on her early work experience that shaped her current career and the importance of knowing storytelling inside and out. Learn more about Hannah and her role in her Q&A interview below.

Q> What does a typical day look like for you?

Hannah > It changes incredibly from day to day. I get up pretty early and walk my dog ​​on the beach. I usually take him the first hour of the day to clean out his inbox. I span two of his accounts and also do a lot of in-house agency work as a strategist. From there, I take several client calls and spend a lot of time on his PowerPoint, presenting materials and doing industry research.

Q> What is your favorite thing about iProspect?

Hannah> What I love is the transparency. For a large company like this, it often feels like it works like a startup. You can see a lot of work going on across the agency, and CEO Danielle Gonzales is very transparent at Town Hall, allowing you to really see the inner workings of the company.

Q> How has your career evolved since joining iProspect?

Hanna> I started working as a planner about two and a half years ago and am now the director of strategy. I’ve always been interested in the strategic side, and much of his leadership work with audiences and sorts overlaps with planning and strategy. The transition went well because I was ready for the next step in my career and there was an opening in the strategy team I was already working with.

Q> Do you have any early work experience or someone that has influenced your current career path?

Hanna> I started my career at another agency in the planning field. The leadership team there made it a priority to open everything up to the junior team members, so I got to attend some pretty high-level meetings. I happened to be on good terms with the junior strategist at the agency and was exposed to a lot of the audience research she does.

Q> What skills do you use every day that are not taught in school?

Hannah > I have two answers. I think knowing the basics of PowerPoint is very important for my job. Additionally, storytelling is a big part of my job. In school, five-paragraph essays are instilled, but there’s a lot of unconventional storytelling. Telling stories with decks requires design, public speaking, and connecting with an audience, all of which we use every day.

Q> Is iProspect the intersection of _______ and _______ for me?

Hannah > Brand and Performance. I know it’s a canonical answer, but I really believe it to be true.

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