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Creativity is needed to compete for workers

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Being considered a “best place to work” by your peers and employees is a perk for any company, any year. In the days of “The Great Resignation” it became something else. Employers in particular are increasingly required to take on more work.

Based on employee surveys by Energage, four employers with 500 or more employees in southern and western Connecticut earned this label in the 2022 Hearst Connecticut Media Top Workplaces competition. Like many large companies, they spend a lot of time filling out their employee roster these days.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Service New England Properties has done so many times in its 12-year award winning career as it has benefited from this year’s booming housing market and the flexibility of having many independent contractors as its agents. As you can see, we won the 1st place. .

Bridgewater Associates ranked second and Gaylord Specialty Healthcare ranked third, closing out the same 1-2-3 finish as the 2020 award. His ALDI, an international grocery chain, was a newcomer to Hearst Connecticut’s Top Workplaces, rounding out the category.

Berkshire Hathaway has continued to suffer from labor market turmoil over the past year, said CEO Candace Adams. The company has contributed significantly to the quality of its agents and back-office employees.

“We’ve seen some resignations on the employee side in the last year. We hear about ‘big resignations’ and people moving to different jobs,” Adams said. “But all in all, we have been very lucky. We have longevity and tenure, and we have great people. Only very talented and skilled people.”

A survey of worker attitudes by Ernst & Young found that flexibility was the biggest factor for workers considering a new role, slightly more than compensation. Work purpose and work culture ranked him third overall across respondents, but for “Generation Z” workers under the age of 27, they were higher priorities than compensation and roughly matched with flexibility. was

According to Adams, Berkshire Hathaway considers flexibility and compensation in its efforts to recruit and retain staff and agents who join the company out of college or from other companies and industries. It is said that there is

“If they are young, they may leave for the money, but most agents go for the culture and where they feel they have the flexibility. “There’s diversity, there’s an understanding of needs,” Adams said. They know they can do what they need to do, and I think it’s important for them to have that flexibility.”

Similarly, ALDI touts advantages over other retailers in compensation, flexibility, and culture. Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, USA, the company employs over 160,000 people and is one of the fastest growing grocery chains in the world.

1st place: Berkshire Hathaway Home Service New England Properties

Regional employees: 705

Headquarters: Wallingford

2nd place: Bridgewater Associates

Regional employees: 1,200

Headquarters: Westport

3rd place: Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

Regional employees: 650

Headquarters: Wallingford

ALDI produced a national ranking of the top workplaces for Energage this year. Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. topped that list. And so are some other regional rankings.

Through product inventory innovations that allowed ALDI to staff stores with fewer people, the company was able to pass the savings on to its customers. The company has 17 locations in Hearst Connecticut Award-eligible Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield He three counties.

Glassdoor reviewers warn that it can struggle to shelve product boxes in shifts of eight hours or longer, but the company’s friendship, salary and benefits (including the opportunity to earn overtime) ) is admired. ALDI also promotes quickly, giving employees ample opportunities to add managerial experience to their resumes.

Bridgewater Associates is run by co-CEO Nir Bar Dea and former Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini. The two are recipients of this year’s Hearst Connecticut Media Top Workplaces Top His Leadership Award for Large Employers.

Bridgewater’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Sarah Fass, told Hearst CTInsider that the shared roles reflect the company’s philosophy of encouraging employees to communicate and help each other and to encourage company excellence. Said he was doing

Bridgewater Chief Human Resources Officer Sarah Fass said: “There are a lot of people participating in these conversations. I think the co-CEO model is consistent with the concept of being open, transparent, and learning from mistakes.”

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio posts regularly about his business and personal philosophies on his LinkedIn page, which has nearly 2.5 million followers. He’s spent most of the summer writing about how people are wired for success, or repeating cycles of not achieving it, and the steps they can take.

“Be bold. There is always the best possible path,” Dario wrote in July. “Your job is to find it and have the courage to follow it. What you think is achievable is only a function of what you know at the moment. And if you triangulate, you can learn a lot, and you’ll see roads you’ve never seen.”

Paul Schott contributed to this report.