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Cuisine One of the Most Important Elements of Cultural Heritage, Says Turkey's First Lady

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New York

Cuisine is one of the most important elements of cultural heritage, Turkey’s first lady Emine Erdogan said Wednesday.

“It is a mirror that reflects a country’s identity, character and even the essence of a country’s civilization. Concepts such as gastronomic diplomacy and gastronomic tourism have become key pillars of the country’s cultural and revitalization policy,” Erdogan said. the president said.

President Erdoğan hosted First Ladies from 15 countries at an event called “Sustainable and Healthy Turkish Cuisine” held at the Turkebi Center in New York City. The event introduced guests to Turkish cuisine and excellent dishes and desserts.

Among the guests of Turkey’s First Lady are the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, French First Lady Brigitte Macron, South Korean First Lady Kim Kun-Hee and Latvian First Lady Andra Levite.

“Turkish cuisine has interacted with many different civilizations during its hundreds of years of adventure in Anatolia,” Turkey’s first lady said at the event.

She further said that Turkey’s intentions for peace and tolerance can be easily interpreted from its culinary cultural practices.

Erdogan continued, “A stranger’s place at our table has always been reserved as ‘God’s unexpected guest.’ In short, our table is the epitome of generosity, sharing, solidarity, humanity and the culture of our lives.

Delighted that Turkiye is known for its rich culinary culture, she said many gastronomic elements of Anatolia are UNESCO-listed.

The Healing Side of Turkish Cuisine

“The healing aspects of Turkish cuisine are central to the solution to today’s global health problems,” Erdogan said, drawing attention to the health problems caused by bad eating habits.

She continued, “Our cuisine has centuries-old recipes that heal both the body and the soul. Many recipes were prepared by Anatolian herbalists.”

In the field of gastronomy, Turkey’s first lady added that a book titled ‘Turkish Cuisine with Centenary Recipes’ was written together with well-known Turkish gastronomy experts and chefs, adding that ‘it has yet to be discovered. He said he has a great legacy. The world is in the wind of rich Turkish cuisine.

Referring to the lean character of Turkish cuisine, President Erdogan said: “Sustainable cuisine is very important to the future of the world.”

She invited the First Lady to Turkey and said that “Turkish food is central to the solution” in preventing global food waste.

UN Under-Secretary-General Melissa Fleming said Turkish cuisine is globally recognized for its diversity, delicacy and nutritional value.

“The future of the world’s health and well-being depends on the actions of these individuals,” Fleming said of the goodwill document President Erdogan signed with UN Secretary-General António Guterres to promote a zero-waste approach. said.

Meanwhile, the First Lady of 18 countries signed a letter of goodwill from the First Lady of Turkey, which called on the nations of the world with the support of the United Nations on the issue of zero waste.

Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French president, was one of the first to sign the goodwill document, and there was a candid conversation and photo taking between President Erdogan and the French First Lady.

At the end of the event, guests were served Turkish cuisine prepared with traditional lean recipes from the Turkish Cookbook prepared for the guests.

Erdogan and other first ladies wrapped up Turkish delight, cut akide sekeri (sugar confectionery) and tasted collagen ice cream made from bone broth.

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