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Early Start for Night 2 of Soca+ Festival | Entertainment

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All roads lead to Kingston’s waterfront and mass camp, hosting tonight’s I Love Soca Soca+ music festival and the second night of retro party Good to Greenerorganizers of both events say they will proceed as planned, with the exception of Soca+, which starts at 7 p.m.

“We are also monitoring the weather and are proceeding with the second night of the Soca+ festival tonight. We had a delightful Fete experience with our patrons last night. Ready to make Fete memories even more rain and stars We are starting tonight at 7pm, so patrons should keep an eye on our social media pages for updates,” said Andrew Bellamy, Managing Director of I Love Sokha. Told. Greener.

Soca+, a two-day soca fusion music festival on Kingston’s waterfront, kicked off on Friday and featured performances from Trinidad and Tobago’s three Soca Monarchs, The Voice and several disc jockeys. Tonight, Vincentian Soca Monarch Skinny Fabulous and dancehall legend Bounty Killer will take to the stage.

5 years hiatus

At Mass Camp, the ’90s-themed retro party Good Times makes its long-awaited return after a five-year hiatus. “All planning is still underway,” said Jerome Hamilton, a member of Quorum, the event’s promoter, adding that the event faces its share of bad weather.

“We’ve had good times even when we heard a hurricane was coming. That was many years ago when good times was a much stronger brand. We consistently We would have been doing shows.At the time, we were doing four shows a year.But now we are coming to the end of our five-year hiatus. I want something,” Hamilton said.

Tonight’s staging includes such selectors as Renaissance’s DJ Delano and DJ Jazzy, ZIP 103 FM’s DJ Liquid, and a guest performance from Sizzla Kalonji.

As they move forward with tonight’s staging, Throwback event organizers are hoping the weather will allow for good times and not require rescheduling.

“At a fixed time before the event, you will find it difficult to keep.” [the event], and then reschedule that date for the event, preferably for some time in October. But for now all systems are working. Even at this stage of what is happening, people recognize and admit that they have already made up their minds, [will] go to the event. At this point it’s too early to turn back and we’ve seen weather forecasters not exactly right many times. We really don’t need more challenges in this country with the kind of things this can cause,” Hamilton said.

The latest bulletin from the Meteorological Service has canceled tropical storm monitoring in effect in Jamaica. This means that tropical storm related conditions are no longer expected for tropical storm Ian.

Tropical Storm Ian drifted “slightly south” away from the coastline and shifted the island out of the expected range of tropical storm gales, said a release from the Weather Service Department, which said the weather system will instead move to Jamaica until Monday. It is predicted to produce large showers and thunderstorms that could affect the weather.