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FIFA 23 showcases BC Musqueam's history, heritage and culture

The hit EA Sports FIFA video game has literally returned to its roots with a new edition.

Developed primarily at EA Vancouver, FIFA 23 recognizes the history, heritage and culture of the Musqueam Indian Band by including artwork and assets from Musqueam artists in the new edition.

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Vancouver is located in the ancestral and unceded territories of Musqueme, Squamish and Trail Waters.

The Musqueam band has over 1,300 members. About half live in a small portion of their ancestral territory known as Musqueme Reserve, located south of Vancouver’s Marine Drive.

Many others now live throughout the Muscum Territories called Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and New Westminster.

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Musqueam chief Wayne Sparrow was blown away when he saw the results of his collaboration with EA Sports.

“Amazing. I’m really proud of our artists, our community,” he said in an interview. It’s a big step towards

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Artwork from 10 local artists featured in the game

“I got a little emotional when I saw it,” Sparrow said.

“For all the efforts our ancestors have made in the past to be recognized in our communities, the fight against boarding schools, the rights of indigenous peoples as accepted in UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration). rights), etc.

“The only thing that upsets me is that I hope those who fought so hard for us, those who left us, don’t come here to see what the outcome of their efforts will be. I mean, it’s not necessarily the leadership of the day, it’s the leaders of the past who laid the foundation for us.”

FIFA 23 players will have the opportunity to play on a fictionalized representation of the real-life soccer field in Massameme.

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Completed in 2015, the Band’s sports complex is a legacy of the 2010 Olympics and consists of two full-size soccer fields and a clubhouse.

The Musqueam field appears in the game as a playable pitch in Volta football mode, which incorporates street soccer.

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Gamers can unlock Volta Football apparel and FIFA Ultimate Team kits designed by Musqueam artists, as well as customization elements for FUT stadiums featuring various Musqueam motifs and patterns.

EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise has collaborated with indigenous artists in the past, but the developer says this is the first collaboration of its kind for a FIFA title. in production. “

Nicholas Lammie, Director of Brand Marketing at EA Sports FIFA said: statement.

The artwork was judged by a panel of representatives appointed by the Musqueam Indian Band, EA Sports, and Vancouver-based marketing firm Monday Creative.

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The collaboration also includes EA Sports supporting Musqueam’s own turf by creating kits for Musqueam footballers that bring their in-game outfits to life. It also offers upgrades to Musqueam fields, including improved storage and equipment management facilities, new goals and nets, and a custom his tent for shelter from inclement weather.

The Musqueam soccer team regularly plays in BC tournaments

“It’s a big sport here in Muskeme,” said Sparrow.

Musqueam artists featured in the game include Kelly Cannell, Chase Gray, Deanna Point, Krista Point, Aleen Sparrow, Brent Sparrow, Debra Sparrow, Kamryn Sparrow, Robyn Sparrow, and Cole Sparrow-Crawford.

FIFA 23, also worked on by EA Romania, will be available worldwide on 30th September on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X 5/8S, PC, Stadia, PS4 and Xbox One. FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Early Access begins on September 27th.

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This report by the Canadian Press was first published on September 24, 2022.

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