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Jennifer Sanders' Fierce Outburst Over Awakened Culture's Impact on Comedy — 'P****s Me Off!' | | Celebrity News | Showbiz and TV

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The quirky characters of Jennifer Sanders and Joanna Lumley’s Absolutely Fabulous were so popular that they quickly became household names. In fact, the show was such a hit that it was morphed into a flashy 2016 movie and he aired on BBC Two on Saturday 24th September. Known simply as Ab-Fab, the show would likely have changed significantly if it had been produced today, so the comedy was changed. The 64-year-old, who plays Edina Monsoon, explained that if she were writing today, she would have spoken herself out of certain creative choices.

During the hit series, Sanders, who plays Edina Monsoon, and Lumley, who plays Patsy Stone, often joked about being fat and aging. I even joked that it’s the best accessory.

According to Sanders, if you say something controversial these days, people keep telling you, “Don’t say that.”

In an interview with The Sun last year, she thought: There are actually quite a few. I’m tired of people and mild criticism all the time.

“It’s a modern thing, isn’t it? Whenever someone says something, you have to say, ‘Oh, but I’m sorry, you shouldn’t say that.’ I say no, it’s a crime to have an opinion or say something.

Ab-Fab performed for 10 years, and the two kept audiences glued to their feet, with characters constantly in a haze of inebriation and cigarette smoke, often ranting at each other.

However, the BAFTA award-winning comic would have been dramatically different if the show had taken place today, as she might have avoided telling certain jokes.

She continued: ‘.

“I think people are talking themselves out of things now because everything is delicate.”

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Fellow Abu Fab star Helen Lederer, who played Catriona, also supported Sanders’ sentiments, agreeing that cartoons today can’t be as “thoughtless and off the cuff” as they once were. .

She told last year:

“I think we’re learning how to communicate and laugh[in a different way]. People are so angry.

“Something like BLM [Black Lives Matter] And all these other important things gave us a pause to think about.

“Even if you’re writing a gag, and you’re writing something witty, and even if you look up witty in the dictionary, it says you have to go fast to cause illicit laughter. , (now) can’t do that.”

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie was released in 2016 with an amazing cast including top model Kate Moss.

Sanders said the show would be different if it were made now, but in an interview with You magazine, the actress admitted she still wanted to do an Ab Fab musical, and she often talks about it with Lumley.

In May she said: I do 60’s and her 70’s songs, and both of them are bad at singing, so I lip-sync her drag her Queen a bit.

Ab-Fab appeared to be a hit abroad, with a French film version produced, but did not do well with French critics as they felt that the British humor was not translated.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie will air on BBC Two on Saturday 24th September at 11:40pm.