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Manager: A draw was probably a fair result - News

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United finished the 90 minutes as one of the stronger teams on Saturday afternoon, but manager Paul Simpson had more from his side in the 90 minutes when he was told it could have been two. claimed to be in need of Run away after the final whistle blows.

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Match Report: Newport

19 hours ago

“I’m not quite sure I agree with you to be honest,” he said. I may have hurt it, but I don’t think I should have won.

“That said, I don’t think they deserve to win either. I think if they want to do anything, they have to be better than this game. It’s as simple as that.”

“We had to come here and win this. It’s not that I’m disrespectful. We had to come here and get three points and we can’t do it.” was.

“It’s because of the way we did it in the first half, it’s not enough. In the second half, we weren’t able to play really great football and we could have done a little bit more.

“We had some chances and when Paul Huntington was pulled down by the neck after just over 70 minutes, I thought it was a penalty.

“A draw at just over 90 minutes would probably be fair for both teams, as I’m not too sure which team deserves to win.”

However, he agreed to be a strong away team after scoring the equalizing goal.

“Yes, and I thought they were wasting their time too,” he commented. “It’s understandable because they’ve had bad results.

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Gallery: Images from Saturday’s away draw

2 hours ago

“On the other hand, we had some chances, especially long throws, but we’re one point away from home. But I’m never disrespectful. Nothing seemed to be gained.

“Given the way they run and the way they do it, if we were anywhere near what we could have, we would have taken all three points.”

Of the frustrating first half, he added: I told them in the dressing room because that’s not what I want to see.

“To win a soccer match, you have to run, compete, and pass the ball. We didn’t do it particularly well, and we hit goals that were absolutely rubbish.

“It was a garbage goal.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a crap play. We have to get better. When we attack, we have to keep the back door closed. It’s a phrase I use all the time, but I we didn’t do that.

“We allowed it and we remember what happened, so they had a little bit of luck too, but it shouldn’t happen. Attacking in the far corner and losing the ball, after one pass everyone was should not be allowed to be taken out of the game and put back in.

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Managers: showing the importance of being prepared

16 hours ago

“We came back again in the second half and showed some character to get in there and took points away. Now we have to go to Grimsby and do it right there.”

United once again had to bounce back from the setback of conceding a goal. It’s the fifth loss of the season.

“It’s a good trait, but it’s not good to concede a goal first and then have to do it,” he replied. “The first goal of the day was huge.

“Especially when you play against a team like Newport who are struggling with results, you can’t say you’re struggling with performance. Did.

“We talked about it before we got to kickoff and the players were all saying something about it. Is not …

“We weren’t as good with the ball as we could be. I’m talking about players who are usually good with the ball. Do it and win at home and you’ll be fine.

“But I’m not stupid enough to think it’s that easy, so if you have a chance to score three points away, you have to do it. We have to start it.

“Conversely, Jordan Gibson was a little lucky not to show a second yellow card when he could have caught Adam Lewis. I didn’t think so, but Gibo Said it might not be enough to roll around like him, but we got away there.”

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