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Mexico and Costa Rica seek cultural and knowledge cooperation with Sharjah

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  • Ahmed Al Ameri: “Sharjah is a window for the world to see Emirati and Arab cultural achievements.”
  • Luis Alfonso de Alba: “Sharjah holds a prestigious position among the world’s top cultural cities.”
  • Ruben Sales: “We look forward to leveraging Sharjah’s expertise in developing the book industry.”

Sharjah: His Excellency Ahmed bin Lakkad Al Ameri, Chairman of the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) recently welcomed the Ambassador of Mexico to the United Arab Emirates, Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba Gongora, The 36th Guadalajara International Book Fair scheduled for November 2022.

The SBA Chair also met with Rubén Sales, Economic, Public and Cultural Diplomacy Coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica, and Francisco J. Chacón Hernández, Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to the UAE, to address the SBA by Costa Rican officials. official visit.

In a meeting with the Ambassador of Mexico, the two sides discussed bilateral cultural cooperation to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise and to promote the translation movement between Arabic and Latin cultures.

The SBA chair and Costa Rican officials discussed opportunities for cooperation between the agency and relevant Costa Rican entities and increased publisher and author participation in international events hosted by both sides.

Al Ameri discussed the potential participation of SBA in the Costa Rica International Book Fair, in addition to participation in major cultural events, and strengthening the cultural ties between the two sides, especially in the publishing and library sectors.

Guests were given a tour of the SBA headquarters, were briefed on the various activities and programs that take place throughout the year, and were introduced to the services offered by the Sharjah International Literary Institute (SILA).

His Excellency Ahmed bin Lakkad Al-Ameri commented on the visit, stating that Sharjah is the center of the Arab cultural movement and a window for civilization to learn more about the cultural achievements and heritage of the emirate and the Arab peoples. said. He believes that the emirate’s cultural status is the most powerful foundation by which culture binds nations and peoples to each other, Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad, member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah・I emphasized that it was the result of the vision of His Highness Al-Qasimi.

He added: “SBA believes in intercultural similarities that bind nations together and motivate societies to benefit from cultural exchanges. This is the foundation of our discussion of cultural cooperation with Mexico and Costa Rica. is a gateway for exploring creative works that enrich the local culture.”

Mexican Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Luis Alfonso de Alba said that Sharjah’s expected participation as a Guest of Honor at the 36th Guadalajara International Book Fair is expected to attract visitors from the Americas and We immerse our guests in the rich Emirati and Arab cultures and enrich their minds with contemporary works from the Arab world.

The Ambassador noted that Sharjah’s regional and regional cultural initiatives will bring the emirate to the world’s cultural scene through international participation and hosting publishers and authors from around the world during the annual Sharjah International Book Fair. I said I put it on the map.

On this visit, Ruben Sales said he was pleased with the tour of the SBA headquarters and learning about its activities. He stressed that Costa Rican cultural institutions are looking forward to partnering with Sharjah, noting his extensive experience and expertise in the emirate’s publishing sector, especially in organizing exhibitions and cultural exchanges, as well as copyright and He stressed that he could profit from the sale of the trademark.