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MSP Kate Forbes welcomes a 'positive' move that could see Dingwall Business Park reopen to business after flooding concerns hit local Highlands and Islands Enterprises and SEPA deficits.

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Dingwall Business Park.

AN MSP has pledged to maintain pressure to ease “major headaches” affecting hiring and investment in Dingwall after the breakthrough.

Many businesses eager to locate in Dingwall Business Park have found themselves bogged down with flood protection measures that do not meet all the requirements currently required.

Ironically, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) rejected a planning application to set up a business.

Dingwall Business Park is located on the Peffery River floodplain and houses a variety of facilities, including Highland Council’s recycling center, offices, nurseries and industrial facilities.

forward step

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), which developed the park, is under pressure to extend the protective dike to meet relevant flood laws.

Now, after a series of meetings between Dingwall and Seaforth councilors and local MSP Kate Forbes, HIE has decided to explore what needs to be done to standardize the design. I offered to pay for the work.

Forbes told Polaris:

“Funding a design contract to upgrade the levee is a positive step and I will continue to drive forward.”

Negative impact on economic growth

Highland Council has agreed to adopt the business park, but only if the necessary work is completed.

Ken Gowans, Chairman of the Economic and Infrastructure Commission, said:

“This is having a negative impact on the potential for new economic growth and we are pleased that our decision to adopt principle is a positive step towards unlocking opportunities within the Dingwall Business Park. increase.”

pressure to act

Local councilors were mounting pressure by approving several planning bids over SEPA’s statutory challenges.

A SEPA spokesperson said:

“The current planning application does not comply with the requirements of the Scottish Planning Policy Flood Risk Framework and cannot be supported. .

“Since then, we have worked closely with the HIE and the Highland Council to consider ways to address this issue. rice field.”

Funding impact

A HIE spokesperson said:

“Following a competitive bid, we are appointing a supplier to design an upgrade to a fully compliant levee.

“The objective is to establish a full range of improvements that best meet the current higher standards for flood protection required under the Planning Act to enable future development of the business park.

“We are in discussions with our partners to explore the implications of financing for the future construction phase of the project.”

Revitalizing the Dingwall Economy

Dingwall and Seaforth Trustee Angela McLean said: to the Dingwall Business Park because SEPA correctly challenged the condition of the embankment when the planning application was submitted.

“The Dingwall Business Park has played a key role in the economic revitalization of Dingwall and the wider region and this will pay for all our partners, especially the exploratory work to see what is needed. Recognized by HIE who have agreed to do this to upgrade their bands.

“We will reach out to all companies in the park and let them know what work will be required during the investigation. Investors will have a better understanding of fundraising and should implement the recommendations.”

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