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New technology elementary school plan approval

An artist’s impression of what the new Wednesfield Technology Elementary School on Litchfield Road might look like.Image: Q&A event

The 112-year-old former Edward the Elder building on Litchfield Road in Wednesfield was bulldozed in June to make way for the new Wednesfield Technology Primary School.

Tom Hallett, representing Birmingham-based developer Tilbury-Douglas Construction, told the planning committee on Tuesday:

“As you are aware, the demolition work on the old main school will be completed in the summer, and the application proposes to restore long-standing use and provide much-needed new facilities for primary school children.

“The new school will be a member of the Sharland Academy Trust, which already operates several schools in the West Midlands. We offer a professional, technology-based curriculum.”

“This development will bring a range of benefits, including creating new jobs in up to 45 full-time and part-time positions as part of the construction phase and future occupation of the school,” he added.

“The preservation of the former lodge building maintains an important link to the history of the site and is used by the school as a family hub. provide value.

“And of course, this is the redevelopment of a long-standing vacant lot within a sustainable site ideally positioned to serve the growing needs of the community.

“Several modifications have been made in response to comments from highways and residents. The parking lot layout will allow one-way traffic for vehicles around the parking lot, along with providing dedicated drop off/collection points. It has been reconfigured as follows.

“This will allow cars queuing to get on and off in a very orderly manner within the site and during peak hours. We will also increase parking spaces and install CCTV.

“Financial contributions in the form of pedestrian crossings and the restoration of ‘no trespassing’ signs outside schools will also be put in place. ”

The new building will incorporate one-story two-story blocks for the hall and kitchen. The design is Passive House. This means that very high levels of energy efficiency can be achieved.

Councilor Andy Randle said: It will be an excellent modern facility that will benefit the people of Wednesfield. I have expressed my concerns about traffic during pick up and drop off and the need to be mindful of student safety and nearby homes and businesses.

“I have asked the school to monitor this and provide support where necessary, so that the school has a positive impact on the community and safety comes first.”

Conservative MP Wendy Thompson added: too long.

“Sharland has a very good reputation, so we expect a really good quality education. Unfortunately the design is a bit plain, but that is the contemporary style.

“Traffic is an issue, but if we can monitor it, I think we can do better. It’s good to see some thought has been put into keeping the red bricks rather than the trend.

“I also want to say that it’s great to see a new elementary school being built at this location. I’m sure it’s much needed. But of course that’s a secondary figure.” I hope this gives some idea to those responsible for strategic planning regarding educational locations.

Rep. Phil Page said he believed the development would also benefit the local shopping economy, moving a report later supported.

Although not listed, the landmark’s former structure – one of the oldest school buildings in the city – dates back to 1910. The date stone has been carefully removed and relocated adjacent to the entrance of the new development.

The new facility will provide 26 nursery children, 60 receptionists, 120 Key Stage 1 and 240 Key Stage 2 teaching spaces.

All members voted in favor and the plan was approved subject to unsolicited promises and conditions. The new school is scheduled to open in September 2023.