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New trends in work culture

GS paper 1

syllabus: Society/Social Justice/Ethics

direction: The terms mentioned in this article are continuously in the news. try to understand them. These are useful in social GS1, social justice GS2, and ethics papers.

environment: In the modern world, work, work, or labor takes many forms, giving rise to new terms, problems, challenges, and sometimes controversies.

What is work culture?

The attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the normal atmosphere of the work environment are what we all know as work culture.

  • quiet quit, quiet dismissal, moonlight, hustle culture, 18 hour work Arguments and work-life balance have come up frequently in recent months.

quit quietly:

quiet retirement refers to employees do the bare minimum for them.

  • g. Leaving work exactly at the end of a shift, demanding extra payment for extra work, and/or setting clear work-life boundaries.

Quiet reason:

  • Changing work culture: The pandemic has brought many challenges, increased demands on employees, and allowed employees to rethink what an alternative work system might look like.
  • Impact of remote work: Levels of burnout increased as employees spent more hours at work.
  • Employer indifference: Employee dissatisfaction, believing that managers care little for employee benefits.


moonlight is The act of doing extra work outside normal working hours, usually without the employer’s knowledge. Side jobs were called side jobs because they were mostly done at night or on weekends.

Why do people bathe in moonlight?

  • more income: The main reason to move beyond your existing job is to make more money.
  • Learn new skills: Working in different roles allows you to develop new skills, explore related areas, and connect with more people.

Why Are Employers Not Satisfied?

  • Employers are often skeptical of this practice. Employees may not give the time the organization needs. Don’t give extra time to either organization.

“18 Hour Work” Controversy and Noisy Culture

Hustle culture is Encourage employees to work longer than normal working hours.

  • Even in my free time and on my days off, work is always on my mind.
  • The main requirement of this culture is to reach your goals at a faster pace than usual.

A LinkedIn post by the company’s CEO encouraging young people to work at least 18 hours a day. 4-5 years initially During their careers, they faced backlash and were ridiculed.

What does the WHO study on long working hours say?

  • 745,000 people stroke and heart disease Related to long working hours in 2016
  • Working more than 55 hours a week serious health hazard
  • capping time It is beneficial for employers as it has been shown to increase worker productivity.

Why is it important to maintain a work-life balance?

Siddhartha S, author of five books — “60 Keys to NLP Success”, “Today is Monday”, and many others have suggested:

  1. Work-life balance is important
  2. Prioritize health over wealth
  3. Establish an incentive system for those who wish to work overtime
  4. Success means different things to different people. Financial success is not the only measure of life success.
  5. Entrepreneurs and employees think differently. if Employees must work at least 70 hours for basic pay. That’s not a great idea. Employees can also choose the entrepreneurial path where they have the opportunity to start a company and keep it profitable.

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Q. Do you think that rejecting or moonlighting the youth of hustle culture is rejecting the idea that work is a worship embedded in Indian culture? 10M