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NRL Grand Final 2022 Entertainment: Who will play at Accor Stadium on Grand Final day?

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NRL and NRLW have selected an all-Australian music extravaganza for the Grand Final Day, an eclectic mix of musicians ranging from Jimmy Burns to Bliss and Eso.

All in all, 10 different artists will showcase their talent in both the women’s and men’s NRL Grand Finals, with enough variety to keep everyone entertained.

The NRL and NRLW Grand Finals Day features a wide variety of artists across the two events.

Here’s what fans can see:

Mahalia Barnes

As one-third of the acclaimed artist trio to perform at the NRLW Grand Finals Pregame Show, Mahalia Burns will perform a version of The Real Thing. Australian music industry.

“I am really looking forward to singing with A.GIRL and Emma Donovan at the first pre-game show of the 2022 NRLW Grand Finals,” Burns said.

“It’s going to be a great afternoon full of music and football.

“Let’s ask the girl!”


Joining Burns for the NRLW Grand Final pre-game show is Western Sydney hip-hop artist A.GIRL, who is equally excited to celebrate women in the sports and music industries.

“It’s so good to see more spotlight on women in sports,” said A.GIRL.

“There are some real female bosses on the field, but it’s nice to see them being more appreciated and being broadcast nationally. [television].

“As a woman in the music industry, which is also a male-dominated industry, I’m thrilled to be doing a show for girls.

“Boys, you’re welcome too. Come see your queen murdered in the sports arena and murdered on the music stage.”

Emma Donovan

The third and final part of the NRLW Grand Finals Pregame Show Trio, Emma Donovan is an ARIA-nominated singer who wants to see her two passions collide.

“In my family you were born a singer or a football player.

“My mom was a huge Bunny’s fan.

“I remember sitting in the gaming den and getting excited listening to Tina Turner’s Simply the Best and Jimmy Burns songs. This was a big part of my childhood.

“It’s been a dream to actually sing in the NRL. Both my worlds are finally coming together.”

Jimmy Burns

Jimmy Barnes, one of Australia’s most iconic musicians, will be joining many friends and special guests for the NRL’s Grand Finals pre-game show.

Barnes knows the NRL finals well and admires the Australian music festival.

“Grand Finals Day is a chance for all of us to come together and celebrate the best of the best,” Barnes said.

“I can’t wait to return to the lineup for the exciting All-Australian Entertainment Pre-Game Show in front of Full House.”


Joining Burns on stage is Diesel, a music journeyman eager to reunite with Burns on such a big stage.

“There’s nothing like the energy of the crowd before a game, and performing with Jimmy has always been inspiring and inspirational for me,” Diesel said.

“It is also a time of reflection, gratitude and celebration.”

Josh Teskey

Josh Teskey also jumped at the chance to hit the stage with Barnes, Diesel and Emma Donovan and perform with his idols.

“I am really looking forward to playing at the NRL Grand Finals with friends and some of my favorite singers and performers, Jimmy Barnes and Emma Donovan.

“It’s going to be a wild ride!”

Sheldon Riley

Fresh out of Eurovision 2022, Sheldon Riley brings his unique sound to the NRL Grand Final.

It’s been a prolific year, but Riley considers it his greatest performance and one he can’t wait to get started.

“Performing in the NRL Grand Final is an insane moment in my career,” Riley said.

“Honestly, it’s a stage that I never thought I would be able to appear on.

“I am honored and excited to have my voice heard at this iconic event.”

Bliss n Eso featuring JOY

In honor of NRL’s retiring players, hip-hop group Bliss n Eso and singer JOY performed their hit song MOMENTS, hoping to pay tribute to some of the gaming icons in a way they deserve. increase.

“We are very honored to perform our song ‘MOMENTS’ for a special tribute to the retiring ‘Game Legends’. It would be a great atmosphere to do this just before the Grand Finals started. We are excited,” said Bliss n Eso.

“I am very excited to be able to perform at such a large event, especially with the legendary Bliss n Eso, who I have been a big fan of since I was young,” added JOY.

Alinta Chizy

Rounding out NRL and NRLW’s musical buffet is Alinta Chisay, star of the musical Moulin Rouge!, currently at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre.

Chidzey will be performing the Australian national anthem and she is excited to set the tone for the day’s proceedings.

“What an honor it is to sing the national anthem before one of the most exciting matches in Australian sport,” said Chisie.

“Just before the grand final match starts is when all the tension and excitement reaches its peak and it is very emotional.
“Before it all starts, the whole stadium will come together to live up to expectations.”