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Nursery World Awards 2022 - Business Development

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You can download the digital award book here

Following the huge success of Adventures with Alice Volumes 1 and 2, Alice Sharp, Managing Director of Experiential Play, developed Volume 3, Leading Pedagogy.

The new format, updated from presentations and demonstrations to 6 hours of professional dialogue and discussion, is packed with 6 magazines, 54 poster cards, and inspiring and motivating moments for staff to engage. , holds extensive professional content. All content incorporates inspiring and stimulating discussion of theories and research, both old and new, from Lev Vygotsky to Alison Gopnik.

In the latest volume, Alice joins three other early childhood experts, Moira Boland, Professor of Creative Pedagogy at the University of Glasgow and Dean of Global Engagement, retired early Chancellor, and Field Learning. Accompanied by Ann Patterson OBE, proponent of June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF).

The third volume of the film chronicles these four professionals discussing early pedagogy and sharing their early knowledge, experiences, skills and practices.

Pedagogy is the focus of all six magazines and all poster cards: Child-Centered Pedagogy, Communication Pedagogy, Pedagogy Myths and Legends, Discovery Pedagogy, Pedagogy Sharing, Evolving Education Covers the creation of science.

The emphasis is on leading pedagogy within spaces, environments, and most of all, guiding children to learn. It focuses on defining what it looks like.

In one setting, I decided to share a poster card with my family and display it at the nursery entrance. Parents were added to the display with pictures showing them continuing to learn at home. Families were also asked to add their children’s learning values ​​to the display. This created more open communication with staff, added value within the environment, and improved everyone’s sense of belonging.

The Adventures with Alice program incorporates the Curiosity, Investigation and Discovery (CID) method for children to learn through play.

Children in a different setting responded to Alice’s Adventures CID method when they used a variety of powders to create paint that matched their skin tone. They were interested in different skin tones, so they researched different powders, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, milk powders, gravy powders, custards, and learned about the chemical reactions to make paints and which powders worked for which skin. I’ve found that it’s perfect for creating the tone of

Adventures with Alice is currently on stages in the UK and around the world, including Canada, USA, Sweden, Ireland and Cyprus. More than just her one-off, CPD is a professional and progressive learning journey, taking professionals step by step through all aspects of top-notch pedagogy. Although the materials and resources are produced to a very high standard, the quality of results achieved by the staff participating in the program is immeasurable. Its success means that Volume 4 is now in production.


Backup Care @ Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, Bright Horizons

Muddy Explorers, Oaks Day Nursery (Birmingham Day Nursery)

Munchkin Nursery, Essex

Smallville Nursery, Kent


For initial business or service launches or significant expansions after January 1, 2021.