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PBS partners with Google on educational projects | Jobs

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Technology provider Productive Business Solutions Limited announced on Friday that it has entered into a regional partnership with Google. This is one of several projects done this year.

PBS Chairman Paul ‘PB’ Scott said in response to a question about education initiatives at the company’s annual meeting in Kingston:

“Google is at the forefront of that revolution. We are lucky and honored to work with them in Central America to implement many solutions. Don’t just hand out tablets to people and think it’s technology, we need a sustainable global ecosystem,” Scott said.

Most people use Google for search, email, documents, and YouTube streaming. The American company also offers Google Workspace and Google Classroom as products for education.

“People use Google every day in their lives. It’s just a reality,” said Scott.

Major 2022 projects recently completed by PBS include Google Workspace for El Salvador’s Ministry of Education, DGII Cisco in the Dominican Republic, 50,000 computers for El Salvador, and a technology upgrade at Punta Cana Airport in the Dominican Republic .

Ongoing projects include HCM software for the National Bank of Costa Rica and Oracle software license agreements for banks in Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago.

PBS expects annual revenue to grow by a third to $300 million in 2022 from $224 million last year. It also expects net income to grow four-fifths from $5.6 million to $10 million.

PBS distributes and maintains Xerox and other B2B technologies in the Caribbean and Central America. Its transactions are with businesses, organizations, and governments.

Many of the brands it represents are household names, but PBS itself is largely unknown to consumers.

CEO Pedro Parris said in his address at the annual meeting: “PBS is on the right track. It has an upward trajectory and has a great platform for continued growth,” he said.

Paris added that the pace of growth since the pandemic has made it need more money to fund its operations. As a result, PBS approached the market with two of his preferred stock offers that raised over $2.7 billion. The offer was oversubscribed and closed on September 9th.

A member of the Jamaican-owned Musson Group, Productive Business Solutions has 2,111 employees, up from 1,600 in 2020, and operates offices in 20 countries in the region.

Since the pandemic, the company has worked on various educational projects, including distributing 26,000 tablets and 800 desktop computers in Jamaica, according to Paris. In Guatemala he has 69,000 tablets and he has 2,700 interactive his assistants. His 1.6 million textbooks printed for the Panamanian government and Wi-Fi access. In Honduras he 500 tablets. Deployment of his PBS and Google Teamwork virtual classroom in Costa Rica.

“These projects have the potential to change the lives of 15 million young people,” Paris said.

Since the pandemic, the company’s holdings have increased significantly, mainly due to the September 2021 acquisition of regional business PBS Technology Group Limited (formerly Massy Technologies Limited). The acquisition added new markets and scale and further shifted the product mix towards enterprise information technology, communications and advanced services, PBS said.