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Perfect entertainment for the crowd at the Eskdale Show

Sophie Steele (left), Stanley and Carol Jackson with Senior Hound winner Mitterdale Dusk at the Eskdale Show.

A nice crowd and good weather made the Eskdale Show perfect for hound trailing entertainment with five trails staged.

The Senior Hounds were won by Sophie Steele’s Miterdale Dusk, who defeated another title challenger Kirkhead Rebel of Roy Laidler.

The win moves Miterdale Dusk into 3rd place at the senior table alongside Jenny’s Quest and Miterdale Duchess, who could only manage 3rd place. The table leader Duchess Ava was not running.

The Napier family was celebrating yet again at Senior Maidens when Fox Park Parma Violet got home before Tony Jackson’s Kinnicide Jacko.

There were 13 open puppies, but the table leader Huntsman’s Rebel and the in-form Foxpark Beep Beep were not among them.

Jonty Moore with puppy Ned Gein winner at the Eskdale Show.

However, Ned’s gain, sitting in second just ahead of Beep Beep, gave another win by leading home with winning the season. That’s 16 behind Huntsman’s Rebel, but he’s two ahead of Foxparke Beep Beep.

The open restricted race proved more fruitful for Tony Jackson after finishing second in the maiden as Kinesis Dunn succeeded from Fallon Spring.

In second place, Forlorn Spring is just two points behind the grade leader.

Veteran racing General James and owner Billy Burkett at the Eskdale Show.

The Veterans race ended the proceedings, with General James of Billy Burkett winning from Hawkswood of Dennis Pears and Jackie Gill.

General James finished 11 points ahead of the closest challenger in the Veterans Championship. Hawkswood.

With many championships building up to a climax, there are a few hounds with a chance.

Bookmaker Mark Bryden offers the following prices for the two major championships, Senior and Pup.

Ellie Napier and Foxparke Parma Violet were awarded Senior Maidens at the Eskdale Show.

I’m betting without the first three people at the puppy table – Huntsman’s Rebel, Ned’s Gain, Foxparke Beep Beep, Mark is Lady Million (4/6), Rex the Rocket (2/1), Huntsman’s Tally (9/4) will be

In senior, as well as Duchess Ava, his odds are Jenny’s Quest (4/5), Miterdale Duchess (6/4), Hunter’s Flame (5/2) and Miterdale Dusk (10/1).

September 24 – Eskdale Show

  • Hounds – 1. Miterdale Dusk; 2. Rebel of Kirkhead; 3. Duchess of Miterdale; 4. Jenny’s Oracle; 5. Monsoon. I ran 6 times and only finished 5 times. 6 runs, time 30.13.
  • Maidens – 1. Foxparke Parma Violet; 2. Kinisid Jaco; 3. Cuckoo Lane. 4. Foxpark Joey Elliott; 5. Greenflyer. 7 runs, time 33.33.
  • Pups – 1. Ned’s Benefit; 2. Huntsman’s Rally; 3. Lucky Lottie; 4. Eagle Girl; 13 runs, time 21.54.
  • Open Limits – 1. Kinnisid Dan; 2. Lonely Spring. 3. Black Eyed Mist; 4. Fox Park Jiggly Puff; 5. Miterdale’s Favor; 6. Blue Diamond. 13 runs, time 20.10.
  • Veterans – 1. General James. 2. Hawkswood; 3. Miterdale Shadow. 4. Fox Park Hooligan; 5. Crazy; 6. Mana. 6 runs, time 20.20.