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Rebuilding Pakistan with Technology - The Friday Times

To help rebuild Pakistan from the aftermath of devastating floods, Pakistan’s first technology-driven flood relief initiative, xWave, is poised to create long-lasting and sustainable impacts for Pakistan’s flood victims. increase.

Salahuddin Khawaja, founder of Hypermode (a New York-based cryptocurrency consulting firm) and digital agency Decklaration, previously helped build 3,000 shelters after the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake. is the force behind the

After spending 20 years on Wall Street with a focus on leading change through digital transformation, Salahuddin recently hired more than 10 people to launch xWave, with the goal of bringing a technology-based approach to disaster relief. organized community activities for different organizations.

xWave plans to foster change by providing sustainable housing, digital literacy and digital employment to flood-affected communities. This technology-based model aims to create an exponential impact that will lead to long-term, sustainable livelihoods for flood-affected people. Through xWave, Salahuddin’s goal is to help 300 households generate her $14 million economic impact in her 10 years.

Salahuddin, who previously worked at Deloitte, JP Morgan and Bank of America, has consistently given back to Pakistan throughout his career.

Recognizing the seriousness of Pakistan’s education crisis, he founded Khud ( and the Institute of Emerging Careers ( He believes that teaching technology combined with self-study is his 21st century solution to help Pakistan make great strides at the forefront of economic growth.

“Successful countries have implemented systems in which different stakeholders have different responsibilities. Each of them has an important role to play and if that can be achieved, Pakistan will support causes like xWave instead of citizens.” But without a system, citizens like me will have to step up and fill the gaps and try to do whatever they can,” Salahuddin said.

“In the last 20 years, technology has played a big role in improving our economy, and in the next 20 years, technology will play an even bigger role in improving our economy! So how do you bet on technology? India has built big companies with millions of employees, but the largest software companies have only 5,000 employees, so how did the revolution go from Web2 to Web3? It is a question of how we should take a progressive view of technology, centered on whether we are using xWave to support 300 household shelters and have adult members of their families acquire digital literacy (graphic design, video editing, programming) and help them get hired in the digital space through a freelance career. Earn on the dollar.”

The first xWave event will take place on Monday, September 26th at 5:30pm at COLABS, Pakistan’s fastest growing flexible workspace, in Garbagh, Lahore.