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Sheffield's diversity: Lack of independent shops and entertainment let the city down

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Sheffield ranks 23rd among the 25 most diverse cities.

International car comparison site has partnered with global travel site Big 7 Travel to find the UK’s most diverse cities.

Cities were ranked by industry diversity, language diversity, age diversity, marital status, and number of fast food chains, independent stores, and entertainment venues per square mile.

Sheffield, though at the bottom of the list, still ranks among the top 25 UK cities found to be the most diverse.

The people behind the investigation said:

“But frankly, there are an incredible number of cities that don’t get the recognition they deserve. .

“The usual suspects have been cut, but where they place on the list might surprise you. Cities that weren’t in the top 10 and even top 5. But times are changing and we’re happy to see that.”

Brighton turned out to be the most diverse of the top 25 cities, followed by Reading and Bristol.

Cardiff had the least diversity in the top 25, with Manchester in 24th and Sheffield in 23rd.

Researchers said:

“In fact, the lowest number of independent stores on the list is quite surprising given the city’s large student population.

“Also, there isn’t as much going on in terms of entertainment as in other big cities. There are plenty of music venues, but fewer entertainment spots per square mile.

“But unlike Manchester, you won’t find fast food chains on every corner, saving you the last two spaces. There is a mixture of trades, sales, and other jobs.”

Sheffield residents speak out about the city’s diversity

Letty Bryan says: Celebrate Independence Day in different countries. ”

Leah Campbell says:

One man, who requested anonymity, said: Although there is a lot of room for improvement.

“There are a lot of people shopping in the city center, so if there were more cultural festivals held and celebrated, everyone would have the chance to interact with others, but unfortunately that is not the case.”

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