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Showcasing the best of Cork's culture

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Culture Night is always a good time to celebrate all that is good across Ireland’s multiple art forms and this year’s program in Cork is very impressive.

There is so much to offer for all tastes, and even a quick look at the program should inspire many to get out tomorrow night. This is just an opportunity to further amplify the many cultural offerings that Cork already has.

A standout event for me was held at Cork City Hall and I am honored to be part of a diverse line-up that will help celebrate the best local talent. Kicks off the latest installment of Magic Nights by the Lee, which previously captured a similar celebration of Cork’s music scene on . The Town Hall event was once again programmed by the Good Room. offers Cork citizens a rare chance to see the best musical acts take to the stage at City Hall. . This should be a great night. Plus, like everything on Culture Night, it’s free.

Introducing Cork’s best young hip-hop and R&B, with short showcases from artists like Minnie Marley, Yesenia, King Coco and Kestin. All of these artists have emerged from the rich Afro-Irish music scene here, and most have played festivals and big shows in the last few years.

Cork are sometimes left behind nationally, with Dennis Chyla and others taking over, but each of these four have the talent to take things further, and there are plenty of others out there. I am looking forward to the exhibition tomorrow.

Also on the bill is Brian Dead, a veteran of Cork’s soul music scene. One of Cork’s most sought-after artists, Brian has always had a huge following here and across the country, and will play alternate versions of some of his most famous tracks that night. Leaside legend John Spillane is another person who doesn’t need much introduction, but his show on Friday should be particularly good, and he’s paired with poet and author Doirian Ni Griofa. Teamed up, we put on a special show featuring songs created especially for the occasion. Finally, the night will conclude with the legendary Fish Go Deep.

Aside from a brief appearance at a Bamba rave in the early ’90s, it’s surprising that Fish Go Deep haven’t DJed much at Cork City Hall. Arguably our greatest electronic export, their music is known all over the world and their reputation as a DJ has made some of the greatest DJs on the planet known as Sir Henrys and later Savoy. Pubs and club nights on Cyprus Avenue help to attract. That said, it’s mostly about their residents rather than their guests, and it’s nice to experience a full Fish Go Deep set in our sacred council room.

There are many others. The Kabin hold several rap workshops early on before an open trad session with Creative Tradition.

The crew will also showcase some of the visual work at the Marina Market, including a screening of Throwing Shapes, as well as the always-fun Cork City Samba Band. Test Site, a collaborative art, architecture and ecology project, is hosting an open evening on Kyrls Quay, and Cork Community Art Link is also opening its lido to the public. This is one of the great features of Culture Night, and most Cork Art venues are even more accessible in the evening. The Circus Factory, which hosts the great Pitches festival, runs Piano Circus, and the legendary Keycorp hosts his 40th anniversary film.

UCC has a screening of “I’m here, I’m home, I’m happy” from Cork’s LGBT archives, and Linc hosts Happy Out, a celebration of cultural expression for lesbian and bisexual women. increase. I could go on and on, but it’s worth checking out the program yourself.There’s a lot of loads on offer. You could do worse than check out their collaboration with the Electronic Music Council called Heroes and Villians, an exhibition of sound and vision accompanied by performances by DJs from LR and EMC.