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Sports fans took over 1.7 million green actions this summer to help protect sport from the impacts of climate change

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Over the summer, fans who attended some of the biggest sporting events took over 1.7 million climate-friendly actions. These small but impactful changes to typical game habits showed that together we can play a role in ensuring we stay on top of the playing field in the fight against the climate crisis. .

The Hundred participants eat less meat (69,031 actions), use greener transportation (422,375 actions), recycle more waste and use refillable water bottles (1,249,296 action), in addition to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. 150th opening. Super League’s Magic Weekend was also able to make pledges when visiting the onsite Sky Zero activations at these events over the summer (nearly 10,000 were made in total). These figures for the total number of actions also incorporate data calculated from the British Sail Grand Prix.

As part of Sky’s ambition to be net zero carbon by 2030, the broadcaster will work closely with key rights holders and governing bodies to educate sports fans about the impact climate change is already having on the world of sports. promised to help educate Flooded pitches and events from wildfire smoke and athletes suffering from heat stroke are having a negative impact on the sport we love all over the world.

Here are some highlights figures for the actions taken this summer:

  • total sports fans 1.74 million action.
  • most of the action (1.25 million) Through fans who use reusable bottles and cups at sporting events and recycle their waste. 65% Some of the fans who attended brought or purchased reusable bottles to refill at the free on-site water station on the Old Course in St Andrews. At Magic Weekend in partnership with Sky Zero, 100% One of our St. James’ Park fans replaced a single-use plastic cup with a biodegradable, fully compostable paper cup.At the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, plastic bottles 600,000 Times at Silverstone.
  • around it 420,000 Actions were recorded by fans who reduced their transport emissions by traveling to sports venues in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable transportation includes public transportation, park and ride shares, cycling and walking. Over 100 Tournaments 50% Percentage of fans traveling to stadiums using greener transport
  • slightly 69,000 Fans also did their part by choosing to eat vegan or vegetarian alternatives to traditional meat-based game day meals, so the action tallied.
  • Moreover, almost 10,000 Fans have pledged to take climate positive action at these sporting events this summer with Sky Zero onsite revitalization.

The success of more than 1.5 million sustainable actions by sports fans follows the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C and avoid the worst effects of climate change, and last year’s Glasgow climate change. It is a reminder of the global commitments reaffirmed in the Agreement.

the sky advised rare professionals affiliated with count us in Check and calculate the total number of actions. As part of this, they also helped assess the impact of climate change measures on fans during these major sporting events this summer. It also helped provide sports fans with a series of impactful actions they can take in their lives to influence solutions while reducing their carbon footprint. on a larger scale. Selected actions were chosen based on their impact on emissions impact, accessibility, and broader system change.

The results of this campaign will come one year after Sky’s. game zero – The first elite-level football game in the world to achieve net zero carbon status in September 2021. On the day, both teams arrived at the stadium with Green in his biodiesel-powered coach. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been purchased by fans for his 100% renewable energy and 94% more vegetarian and plant-based meals.

Sky Sports Managing Director Jonathan Licht Said: “Climate change is threatening sport and wider society, and we are very passionate about encouraging sports fans to take action and change their lives. It’s amazing that sports fans have taken concrete action over 1.7 million times and what a difference we make when all corners of the sports industry come together and take purposeful action. It shows that we can continue.”

Sky Sports subscribers want to learn more about how climate change is affecting the sport they love. Watch Sky Sports documentaries. Football’s toughest opponent. This documentary explores the impact of climate change on football, how football contributes to climate change and what governing bodies, clubs, managers and players are doing to address the climate emergency. I’m searching Contributors include Ben Mee, Chris Smalling, Jen Beatty, Petr Cech, Ralph Hassenfutl, Serge Gnabry, Sophie Junge Pedersen and UEFA’s Michele Uva.

This exclusive hour-long documentary will premiere at Sky Sports Premier League 1930 and 2100 on Sunday 9 October and is available to watch on demand.

Sports fans can visit to learn more about this summer’s campaign and make a pledge.

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