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The Pavilion and an unparalleled place in Glasgow's entertainment history

“Every corner of the house was crowded with people, and the boxes, circles, and stalls were predominately filled with good ladies and gentlemen in evening dress. Magistrates, town councilors, merchants, ship owners, lawyers, accountants. , and helped increase the gay crowd, not to mention representatives from many other entertainment venues in the city.”

Opening night of the pavilion glasgow program Travel back in time to March 1904, shortly after Glasgow’s iconic theater opened to the public. Considering Theodore Roosevelt was in the Oval Office, it’s a year that goes even further back.

Whoever wrote such a gushing assessment, a century later, a young team fueled by tonic wine would be thrilled as international hypnotist Peter Powers waited to take You’d think you’d head to the Necropolis Tomb when you see him stuff Buffkey into his seat. The stage of late night depravity.

There lies the essence of the pavilion. Through that door every atom of Scottish society has flowed to the same mind and enthusiasm.

The Granny of Renfield Street has acted without prejudice as a Glasgow setting for glass to prove its mettle. A place where you can always laugh.

Nowhere in Scotland’s largest city, perhaps anywhere in the northern hemisphere, has the pavilion been seen uninterrupted for 118 years behind its striking terracotta façade. In 1981 amid heavy financial losses.

The decades-long story is legendary. The public and staff haunted by fear that budgerigars will kill 3,000 of his budgerigars if they run into the magician. Ashes scatter from the roof as a dying wish, and two water-sucking Woomin take part in a boxing match during a tribute to George Michael. Backstage staff trying to dispose of a punt on the final night. Lulu breaks box office records. Harry Lauder; his four generations from the same family (from age 6 to his 102) enjoy Elfie’s magical adventures. Six-year-old Sydney Devine at his first concert. Big Yin held a sold-out solo concert for the first time. Take the High Road stage show performing at Full House every night. Harry Houdini was confined to Ravi, with the then-unknown Charlie Chaplin and a unique Scottish version, Dave Willis.

Or Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Texas; Ali & Deku; Del Amitri; Hipway; Rory Gallagher;

And then there’s the Gold Standard heckler, whose compilation can resemble the Bible in page numbers. While remembering, I was told I was wearing a f*****g suit. Comedian Mike Winters followed his brother Bernie onto the stage and yelled, “Oh, there are two.” This is just an example.

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Nowhere else can you install new canopy cladding and signage and get free tickets to see The Hypnotist as a sweet treat to complete it.

As a breeding ground for Britain’s most successful stage stars and a cornerstone of Glaswegian and Scottish entertainment, it has defied the potential to entertain its audience and has remained relatively eccentric for over a century without losing its hint of pure Louis. was not Greatness of X, and while “stuffing them”.

Hope it lasts long, followed by a quick snifter from The Atholl Arms or Lauders.