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Themed Entertainment Association | 2022 Tea Masters

Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), A non-profit organization representing captivating places and experiences around the worldannounced the winners of this year’s TEA Masters. Elected Master of the Attraction Industry in 2022, his TEA Masters will be celebrated at the association’s venue. Upcoming SATE Events in Las Vegas.

Introducing this year’s TEA Masters

The 2022 TEA Masters will be on panel at SATE Las Vegas. Adam Bezark The Bezerk Company creator of international experiences.

Philip Bloom

The first Masters event in 2022 will be Philip Bloom of Amercia Scenic Design, Inc. in the field of vehicle layout and design. A former Imagineer with his 35 years of experience in the industry, Bloom has established himself as an expert in the development and implementation of technologically sophisticated theme park rides.

During his career, Bloom has worked with many high-profile clients, including Disney, Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. He is the co-creator of rides such as The Amazing His Adventures of Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and The Forbidden Journey. Transformers, The Ride, Ratatouille the Ride, Rise of the Resistance.

Bloom founded American Scenic Design Inc. to provide design and consulting services for theme parks, museums, guest experience facilities and location-based entertainment developments.

Alfredo Ayala

Alfredo Ayala

Next, Alfredo Ayala It has also been awarded the title of Walt Disney Imagineering in the field of theme park technology and animation. As an Imagineer he has worked for 29 years and his influence spans multiple fields, including creative design. Computer-based media and animatronic animation. special effects; new projection techniques; and AI.

Ayala has developed a long-lasting, more realistic synthetic skin material for Disney’s audio-animatronic characters and introduced a breakthrough method for programming animatronic characters. He worked on his pipeline of animations for Disney California Adventure’s Cars His Land and Disney He’s Animals his Kingdom’s Navi River He provided the intricate shaman-animatronic animations for his Journey.

Ayala is also pioneering new imaging and special effects technologies around the park, such as the optical imaging system for “Mission: Space” at EPCOT. He is a pioneer in using advanced projection effects to create the launch environment of Space His Mountain and bringing Disneyland’s Haunted His Mansion Ghost to life in his Bride. He holds 17 of his patents and his reputation is well known nationally and internationally. disney.

Desire Soto-Vaughan

Desire Soto-Vaughan

Desire Soto-Vaughanis an independent consultant with 35 years of experience in the industry and a recognized honor in the field of art direction. She began her career in her 1980s and her 90s as a figure her finisher and field her art director at Walt Disney Her Imagineering, bringing famous cartoons her characters to life in the real world. I was allowed to.she then moved Universal In the late 90’s and into the 2000’s, he worked creatively as art director for the animated figures and props for Men in Black: Alien Attack.

Soto-Vaughn has also served as Art Director for the Universal Studios Singapore project, worked on numerous independent projects in Asia including Imagica in Mumbai, India, and was Art Director for the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom project.

She returned to Disney in 2017 as art director for the Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. Soto-Vaughn also provided art her direction, production, installation and integration of show elements for Frozen Ever After and Oaken’s Sliding Sleigh Ride.

David Willrich

David Willrich

in the meantime, David Willrich Appointed TEA Master in the field of Technical Systems/Audiovisual and Multimedia Specialist. Founder of DJ Willrich LTD (DJW), with his 36 years of experience in the industry, he works with clients to bring his experiences to life with memorable, immersive and engaging guest experiences around the world. Audiovisual has designed and developed his multimedia integration systems. Venues such as hotels, museums, theme parks and visitor centers.

Willrich served as TEA’s International President from 2017-2018, and was also President of the EMEA Division from 2015-2016. He was previously a member of the TEA International Board of Directors and He TEA EMEA Board of Directors, and has served as a joint charity for both SATE Europe and He SATE. Asia.

He has worked on many high profile projects such as the National Automobile Museum, Beaulieu and The Shard in the UK. Nürburgring, Ringwerk, Germany. St. Louis Arch and British Music Experience in St. Louis, Missouri. Some of his projects have won THEA awards, including Titanic in Belfast He Belfast Experience Centre, Ski Dubai and Indigenous Experience in Edmonton.

Kimura Fujita Takayasu

Kimura Fujita Takayasu

finally, Kimura Fujita Takayasuis an Imagineer with 22 years of experience in the industry and has been awarded in the field of rockwork sculpture/design. An acclaimed Japanese artist and wood carving sculptor, he began his environmental themed career as Director of Rockwork His Field His Art at Mount Prometheus at Tokyo DisneySea.

In addition to his skills as a sculptor, he also contributed to the development of the talent base for Shanghai Disney Resort’s Rockwork Scope. Over his 20+ years he has trained and mentored artisans around the world.

He creates monumental figures out of iron and sculpted cement for Dubai Land in the UAE, treehouses in Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland, and the floating mountains of Pandora (Avatar World) in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Did. He also worked on Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan.

Currently, he is the Art Director of Rockworkfield for the Neverland attraction within the Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo Disney Resort. is one of

Representing a wide range of talent in the industry

“What an amazing group of professionals!” says Bezark, 2021-2022 TEA Masters Chair. “TEA Masters represent the breadth and depth of talent in our great industry. They also represent TEA’s ongoing commitment to mentorship and growth.

“In addition to the honor of being selected as a Master by peers, our TEA Masters program aims to share knowledge with students, the next generation of talent, and professional TEA members who are changing careers and learning new skills. We are very proud to welcome these new TEA Masters who represent an incredible diversity of disciplines, companies and geographies.”

of TEA SATE event in Las Vegas October 12-15, 2022. SATE stands for Storytelling + Architecture + Technology = Experience, a pillar of themed entertainment. This event, TEA’s design conference, explores these elements and how they are used to create meaningful places, experiences, and events.