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Vanity Global has unveiled its blockchain-based technology.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, Sept. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain solutions company Vanity recently announced a partnership with Safemoon. Vanity Global is rapidly growing as a leader in personalization in the crypto space, with established and upcoming partners.

To achieve this goal, Vanity has developed a method to generate wallet addresses with a custom prefix of up to 11 characters. A normal address consists of random letters and numbers (0x0xb1c7f… etc.) and due to countless double-checks it becomes a stressful operation when sending/receiving funds to/from exchanges/wallets. may be connected. Vanity offers a real solution to this problem by giving cryptocurrency users a way to customize their wallet addresses like 0xC0DE911.., instantly recognizing it as theirs and making the transaction process easier. simplify.

Security is a major aspect of our company. Vanity uses a mix of her two different methods: user-side generation and split key generation. Understanding the differences within a keypair requires recognition of the technical process. The wallet generated on the blockchain consists of his three parts: public key, address and private key. Public keys and addresses can be seen by anyone and do not compromise wallet security.

The two parts must be merged to generate a custom wallet private key, which is the “password” used to import and interact with the wallet when generating addresses in Vanity. User-side generation is a serverless step that happens locally in the customer’s browser, ensuring no data moves over the internet. This operation generates a new key pair. The customer needs to store a “vanity key” and send the public key to the team to formally request the generation of the wallet.

Split key generation takes place and Vanity uses the public key and high computational power to generate another key. This key has not yet been customized and is stored within the same database. At this point, the customer has everything they need to create a private key for the desired address, again using user-side generation, pasting the saved vanity key, and clicking a button to generate the private key for the final vanity address.

For the best user experience, Vanity simplifies this process to a total of 3 clicks and requires no advanced knowledge on the customer’s part.

We wanted to make transactions easier and safer by eliminating the fear of losing your hard-earned money to the wrong address without realizing it. Vanity brings new security and peace of mind to all cryptocurrency users.

T. Bertossi
Founder and CEO – Vanity Global OÜ

Vanity is the first token released on the blockchain to provide custom wallet and contract addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Litecoin and Dogecoin Chain.


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Tommaso Bertossi
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